As part of DP World, we are on the path of creating a common culture that will help to build our entire ‘brand promise’ – how we present ourselves to the outside world and how we are perceived. So, we live and work by the Founder’s Principles, which are the central way of how we do business.

The principles will define what we do and who we are. In time, DP World will come to be known for the shared values of our people. It is as much about our actions as it is our attitude. Consider this process as a journey, beginning now with the adoption of the below principles and moving towards the positioning of DP World on the global stage.


We create growth by seeing what’s possible, especially when others don’t. We are constantly searching for the next and the new and are not satisfied with ‘enough.’ There is always a better way, a faster or more profitable way.


Ideas on their own are not enough. We make things happen, often in the face of adversity. When faced with obstacles, we find ways to deliver. The key is to focus on the result and not to get lost in the ‘how.’ We find ways!


While finding solutions, we focus on how we can make something happen. We are not confined by the past. We adapt and evolve to create the future.


We create an environment where others succeed. We help people to improve, helping them to achieve more. This extends to our customers as well as our colleagues. By staying outside the comfort zone, learning and growth is part of everyday life at DP World. Part of helping people improve is valuing their time. It is our precious resource.